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A major part of discipline is learning how to talk to kids so they will listen. The way you talk to your child teaches him how to talk to others.

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Back to Play and learning. The I Can website has more information about stages of speech and language development at different ages.

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You child also learns about conversations by watching your conversations with others.

Children learn best through play, so pretend play can be a fun way to help them develop and practise conversation skills. Learning how to talk with and listen to other people takes time and practice.

20 ways to talk so your kids will listen

Speech difficulties include lisping, stuttering or forming sounds. Your child might talk back when you set limits, give instructions or give consequences.

Your child learns a lot about conversations from talking and listening with you. What should I do if I want to talk to you? You might like to make some rules about polite speaking and conversation.

There are some developmental and other issues that might affect talking and listening. You can manage talking back or backchat in a positive way and reduce the chances of it happening over time. You could also ask your child and family health nurse or GP for advice.

Some children pick this up quickly, and others might need more practice, prompts, reminders and guidance. So you can help your child develop conversation skills just by stopping to talk with your child whenever you can. If your child talks back to you, here are some strategies that might help:. If your child is experiencing any of these issues, you might want to see a speech pathologist. For example:.

7 smart reasons you should talk less and listen more

School-age children should be able to wait for longer. You can also use consequences if your child is talking back or speaking rudely. Language delay is a delay in using sentences or knowing how to speak with others. When your child gets older and you know they can wait, you can try some or all of these ideas to manage interruptions:.