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If you are considering counselling, you might find it useful to read about how talk therapy could apply to your personal situation. Visit our "What's worrying you? Face to face counselling may be one of the more recognised forms of treatment, but there are many forms of therapy and many different types.

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You can start a session anywhere, at any time, as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet. For many people it takes away barriers they may experience accessing services such as mobility, travelling and waiting lists.

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Pre-book appointments:. Video counselling sessions in 2talkonline video chat room.

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For all online video chat, counselling and online counselling chat appointments, costs are as follows:. Talk to a counsellor online without anyone else listening, viewing or interacting. How much does online counselling cost?

Why do we have to use protonmail for counselling? This is not the case for many other providers, where there is no guarantee of secure data protection. Online counselling follows the same basic principles as face to face, in terms of commitment and duration. Do you need to talk to someone about depression, relationship issues, get anxiety support, stress counselling or another issue? Online Services.

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Online Counselling Service. When it feels easier to talk in text than in person, that's when live chat counselling can help. Video Counselling. You may continue after 12 sessions for longer term counselling support if we agree that's suitable.

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This depends on your individual process and the issues you bring. Confidential, non-judgemental, professional online counselling can help with emotional support to process difficult feelings and a safe space to address issues. Ask a Question. How many online counselling sessions should I have? What does Online Counselling Cost? There are a of issues with this:.

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Creating a Private Space for your Online Counselling. Further information, including online payment, see Fees.

Counselling. Low cost appointments:. Sometimes people ask about using Skype for video sessions.

Much like a face to face appointment, it is important you can:. Book appointment here, choose your online counselling service below, or scroll down to find out more. Data Security - ProtonMail servers are based in Switzerland and all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

There are a of issues with this: Skype does not comply with HIPAA regulations Skype cannot verify transmission security and does not have audit trails. Able to give full attention to the process.

Private secure counselling with 2talkonline protonmail. Book Appointment. In terms of privacy - Skype shows when you or your list of contacts are online. How do we connect for video counselling? If you need to talk to someone online, 2talkonline provides online video chat counselling, Counsellingand Live Chat text counselling.

Free online therapy vs affordable counseling. find out why is betterhelp therapy not free?

If you need more time to reflect and less pressure to reply, counselling is another way to talk. Anonymous - genuine, complete privacy; Protonmail do not room any IP counsels and you create your secure without any personal details. Welcome to 2talkonline virtual counselling services here at 2Talk Counselling. Skype does not offer technical support. Go here for some helpful links. Skype may also gather and use information about you: It has a list of your chats and data and the content of your instant messaging data.

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You will need adequate privacy during appointments, in a sufficiently private space where you can focus, communicate and attend fully without distraction or interruption from other people. The NSA frequently wire taps Skype connections. Skype cannot verify transmission security and does not have audit trails.

Wiretapping is common practice with Skype calls and chats.

Further appointments:. Online Counselling can help.

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Is online counselling private and secure? Suitability and duration are discussed during the consultation and from time to time throughout the process.

Type without anyone else reading. Live chat counselling. Payment is required to complete online bookings. How do we connect for video Counselling?

Freely express emotions in private. If you need to talk from your own location, video counselling brings the counselling room to you Live chat counselling sessions in 2talkonline private live chat room. Secure, effective private counselling with an online certified counsellor.

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